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Dr Amy Chadwick

Dr Amy Chadwick, Naturopathic Physician,
Clinic Owner

Amy Chadwick grew up in Boise, Idaho at the foot of the mountains and the edge of the desert. She knew early on that she was called to be a physician.

Amy obtained her Bachelor's degree in Biology, with a minor in English from the University Alaska Fairbanks. She also fell in love in Fairbanks and married Michael, a lifelong Alaskan. Observing nature, rhythms, ecology and human physiology, Amy found inspiration and awe in the intricacy and synchronicity present in all spheres of life.

Naturopathic medicine called to Dr Amy while she lived and worked in rural Alaska. Naturopathic medicine gave her a field where she would be encouraged to examine nature, study the science and art of medicine, and treat patients on all levels of being.

Graduating with high honors from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon, Amy interned in women's medicine, pediatrics and the treatment and management of chronic disease. She had the privilege of studying under some of the best physicians in the profession. Returning to Alaska, Amy now lives her lifelong dream; practicing Naturopathic Medicine, listening to people tell their stories, witnessing the healing journey, and assisting her patients in finding and maintaining lifelong wellness. Amy is an avid reader and a scientist at heart; constantly learning, researching and delving into the “why” behind each of her patients' imbalances.

This search for the “why” has led Dr Amy to pursue a fellowship in Endobiogenic medicine, a powerful and subtle paradigm that assesses a person's terrain and imbalance and recognizes the endocrine system as the global manager of all physiology. Each patient is responding to their environment based on their individual terrain and adaptive strategies. Once these are assessed, treatments often involve plant medicine but a large toolbox allows Dr Amy to treat individual layers of imbalance on all levels of wellness in each of her patients. Michael and Amy enjoy living and playing in Palmer. They can be found hiking, skiing or playing with their dog in their spare time. Amy is an avid hobby photographer and loves to cook and delight in food.

Amy has an active yoga and meditation practice; a commitment to cultivate her own wellness and pursue her path with the highest integrity, mindfulness and sensitivity available. Amy is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the Alaska Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Yoga Alliance, and the American Society of Endobiogenic Medicine. She strives to promote health in her self, her clinic, her community and her world. Amy founded Soaring Crane Natural Health Center in 2007. Here she practices medicine full-time.

This clinic is a compilation of many years of dreams and hard work. Dr Chadwick, her fellow physicians and staff welcome you to this space and strive to provide a place for healing, relaxation and peace.

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John Vue, Medicinary Manager

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